Access to Tsukuba

Please refer to the following websites of University of Tsukuba for access to the Tsukuba Campus.

Access to Conference Venue from Tsukuba Center

The venue recommends Tsukuba University Loop-line (route C10: Clockwise), which runs from Tsukuba Center bus terminal No.6. Alternatively, you can also take route 10 / 20 / 30 toward the University Campus departing also from bus terminal No.6 (you can refer to a Bus route map on the KEK website). The closest bus stop to the venue is "Tsukuba Daigaku Nishi (Tsukuba University West site)". The bus journey from Tsukuba Center to "Tsukuba Daigaku Nishi" is approximately 15 minutes (190 yen for one way). There are roughly six to ten bus services to the university in an hour depending on the time of day.

Bulletin board of No. 6 platform.

Buses in Tsukuba city accept cash or IC cards (PASUMO or Suica) for payment, however, it is strongly recommended to use an IC card. The steps of how to use the IC card on the bus is as follows.

  • When getting on the bus, touch your IC card on the card reader beside the back door.
  • Press the stop button if you wish to get off at the next stop. After each stop, the name of the next stop is announced.
  • When getting off the bus, touch your IC card once again on the card readers beside the driver for payment.
You can also refer to the Kanto Tetsudo/railway website for how to use the IC card. The web site can express only the text contents into English by Google's translation.

Suica and PASMO are pre-paid IC cards which can be used for almost all train, Metro, and Bus lines as well as for payment in some shops. The cards are sold at ticket vending machines in train stations including Tsukuba Express station, Narita and Haneda airport station, and other JR or metro stations. For further information, see Japan

Please disembark at the bus stop Tsukuba Daigaku Nishi.

Head to Institute of Health and Sport Sciences (5C Building) following the red line.