Social events

Welcome Reception

Date: 18:15- 20:00, 17 September
Venue: Restaurant DEMI (Beside the University Hall)
Event: A buffet of Japanese food and beverages

Mentoring program for non-native English speakers

Date: 16:30 – 17:30, 18 September
Venue: 5C216
Event: A seminar on academic writing for theses/articles and effective presentation in English
Chair: Dr. Tomohiro Gonjo (University of Tsukuba)

Lecturer: Prof. Rakwal Randeep (University of Tsukuba)

Students' Night

Date: 18:00 – 20:00, 18 September
Venue: Restaurant DEMI
Event: Cultural and research information exchange among young researchers; Refreshments and beverages are served.
Facilitator: Mr. Eisuke Kawai

Pool side session

Date: 16:30 – 17:30, 19 September
Venue: Indoor Swimming Pool
Event: Demonstration of Sponsors and ongoing research projects by PhD students in University of Tsukuba
Presenter: Mr. Shin Sakai, Dr. Kenzo Narita, Mr. Eisuke Kawai and Dr. Keisuke Kobayashi Yamakawa

Appreciation night

Date: 19:00 – 21:00, 19 September
Venue: Okura Frontier Hotel, “Ceil Blue” 11th Floor
Event: Appreciation gathering for sponsors, reviewers, chairpersons and VIP.
*Invitation only event

Half day excursion

  • A. Tokyo (Tokyo Sky Tree & Asakusa Shrine)
  • Meeting point (12:30) -> Tokyo Sky Tree (14:00) -> Asakusa (16:00) -> *Break up on the spot or Tsukuba center (18:30)
  • B. Kasama (Sake Breweries & Kasama Pottery)
  • Meeting point (13:00) -> Kasama shrine (14:00) -> Sasame rice wine Brewery (14:45) -> Kasama Pottery (15:45) -> Tsukuba Center (16:15)
  • C. Kasumigaura (Lake Kasumigaura cruise & Ushiku Big Buddha)
  • Meeting point (14:00) -> Ushiku Big Buddha (14:40) -> Lake Kasumigaura (16:00) -> Tsukuba Center (17:00)
  • D. Mito (Mito Kairakuen Gerden & Seafood Factory Tour): Canceled
  • E. Ushiku (Period movie village & Ushiku winery)
  • Meeting point (13:30) -> Warp Station EDO (14:15) -> Ushiku winery (15:50) -> Tsukuba Center (17:15)

BMS2018 Championship

This is the main event of BMS conference. Any BMS participants can participate the competition in groups of four.
Date: 15:30 – 16:15, 21 September
Venue: Indoor Swimming Pool
Event: 50m x 4 Free relay
Coordinator: Dr. Yasushi Ikuta (Osaka University of Education)
Referees: Tsukuba University Swimming Team members
Champion team in BMS2014
Champion team in BMS2014

Closing Ceremony & Conference Dinner

Date: 19:00 – 21:00, 21 September
Venue: Okura Frontier Hotel, Annex 1st Floor “Subaru”
Event: Sit-down dinner, entertainments, and closing remarks
Dress code: Casual clothes
Attractions: Live performance by Neopolis BIGBAND and Tsukuba University Dance Team