Instruction for presentation

All presentation files (oral and mini-oral presentation slides) must be saved in a server laptop in a preparation room by a day before your presentation date with your own responsibility. We strongly recommend you to conduct an operation check for your presentation slides on Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 in the server laptop when you save the file. All presentations must be done using a computer (Windows OS) we prepare, and you are not allowed to use your own laptop. Please make sure you prepare the presentation file(s) with a format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Information for ORAL presentations

  • One presenter has 10-minutes presentation time followed by a 4-minutes questioning and answering session.
  • The presentation file should be a Microsoft PowerPoint format or a format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Information for POSTER presentations

  • A poster presentation session consists of two separate parts – a mini oral session in the morning and a poster session in the afternoon. Your mini oral session is a 2-minute presentation using presentation slides with Microsoft PowerPoint, and the poster session is questioning and answering session in front of your poster without any official presentation time (mini-oral sessions do not have any questioning and answering).
  • The size of your poster should be within A0 size (width * height:841mm * 1189 mm). We are supplying a printing service for your poster. If you wish to use the service, please send us the poster data by the 10th of September, and we will hand you a printed poster at the conference venue in exchange for 4,000 JPY as a printing fee.
  • For a mini-oral session, a presenter must arrive at the session room at least 5 minutes before the start of the session and have a predetermined seat.
  • A mini-oral presentation must not exceed 2 minutes. If you cannot finish your presentation in 2 minutes, the chair will ask you to stop your presentation and move to the next topic.
  • You have to put your poster on a poster panel in the poster session room by yourself in the morning of your presentation day, and you must take off the poster from the panel after your poster session.